Positive Feedback: Approaching Personnel Evaluations in the New Fiscal Year


The new fiscal year has finally begun.

The beginning of the new fiscal year often brings organizational reforms and personnel changes, making it a busy period.

During this busy time, one important task is conducting personnel evaluations of the employees’ work performance during the latter half of the previous year.

In these evaluations, I align the self-assessments of the employees with the assessments from their superiors.

This way, it is easier for me to provide feedback on the positive aspects.
However, some of the challenging parts for many people are pointing out issues or areas of improvement and providing feedback on the negative points.

I believe that the key is to remove as much of my personal bias as possible and to base the discussion on facts and figures.

Furthermore, when giving feedback, it’s necessary to carefully choose words while observing changes in the recipient’s expression.

This facilitates better guidance and understanding for the employee.

Although working online has been the norm for a while, I believe that, when possible, personnel evaluation interviews should be conducted face-to-face.

If it becomes necessary to conduct interviews via online meetings, turning on the camera and incorporating more icebreakers than usual are some of the strategies that I think are necessary.