Mastering Productivity with Invincible Time: A Team-Based Approach

time management

Are you familiar with the concept of “Invincible Time” for task management?
Last year, I learned and started practicing this approach.

Tasks that we don’t feel like doing or are not good at tend to be postponed.
As the number of postponed tasks increases, it somehow starts to have a negative effect on our minds because we were not able to accomplish the tasks that we were supposed to do.
Seeing our unfinished tasks accumulate can be worrisome.

“Invincible Time” is the solution to this problem.

Once a week, I set a time slot called “Invincible Time,” during which I tell myself that I can do anything and use this time to catch up on all the tasks I’ve been putting off.

Last year, I set Monday mornings as my “Invincible Time” and practiced it.
This year, I plan to implement this with my entire team.
After discussing with my team members, we decided to set Friday afternoons as everyone’s “Invincible Time,” and we agreed not to schedule any meetings during this period.

“Invincible Time” might be a bit difficult to implement at first but once we started getting the hang of it, it will be fulfilling.

It will be the same as Super Mario getting stars during the game.

I hope it will be effective.