Enhancing Team Strength through MBTI Utilization

team building

Have you heard about MBTI?

In recent years, the gradual diminishing of interpersonal relationships among members has been a problem in workplaces.

Since 80% of our company’s work is done remotely, face-to-face communication has decreased, resulting in fewer opportunities for casual private conversations.

To enhance our team’s strength, we hold a retrospective meeting every six months to discuss what can be done.
During the meetings, it was suggested that all members take the MBTI test and share the results within the team to foster better mutual understanding.

We immediately put this idea into practice.
It was exciting to see unexpected similarities among team members’ types.
I believe that knowing the characteristics of others can be very effective in improving communication.

Afte taking the test, I found out that I am the “Commander” type of person which means I am capable of thinking logically and plan things directly.

By understanding our own characteristics, it can influence our career paths and how we show up socially.