Building Stronger Connections: Strategies for Modern Workplaces

team building

Yesterday, I participated in an online study group.

The theme was ‘Workplace Relationships’ 


Remote work has become a mainstream way of working compared to the traditional work methods before the pandemic.
Additionally, it can be said that workplace relationships have weakened.

Many companies are changing their recruitment activities from permanent employment to lateral hiring.


The importance of building relationships early is increasingly recognized.


Yesterday, I learned three tips for building relationships early.

Deepening understanding of the other person is essential for making a good relationship.
First, it is effective to prepare questions in advance to get to know the other person.

Second, getting to know the dreams and purposes of the other person is important.
This helps clarify what you can contribute to the other person.

Third, introduce yourself more deeply.
Many bosses wouldn’t share their weaknesses.
It is effective to share your weaknesses with your subordinates to get their help.