Business Training Camp for Enhancing Employee Engagement

team building

Our company does an engagement survey for all employees twice a year.

The engagement score level depends on each team manager’s management skill.

Our team’s score level is average.

After the survey, each manager has to discuss ideas to improve our team engagement with team members.

I have discussed topics about team engagement several times with my team members during our weekly team meetings.

As a result, I found that there are three points.

-We want to understand the significance of our work more deeply.

-We want to understand each member’s personality better to collaborate more smoothly.

-We want to do our tasks in our own way.

Based on these points, I planed to hold a business training camp.

The purpose of training camp is that I would like as many members as possible to gather in one place and do discussion about team missions and their tracks.

Each member lives in different areas, and they are working remotely.

Gathering in one place and as many members as possible in one place is important.

Therefore, we asked members about the place they want to go. After listing all possible camping place, we voted.

As a result, most of the members were able to participate in the business training camp.

I think that we achieved a deeper understanding about our team members and our team missions.