ChatGPT Helps Speed Up the Drafting Process


I am in charge of creating a system product for a local government.
One of my missions is to make a roadmap about our next product.

One of the most important things is to gain understanding from the heads of the delivery departments about the next version of our product’s concept.
It is because the sales of the next version of our product will depend on the delivery departments.
If we don’t work collaboratively with them and ensure that all goals are understood, the members of those departments will not be able to sell our products happily.

I must accomplish all these by the end of the fiscal year which means I only have 2 months left.

I conducted interviews with the heads about problems with the current version of the product.

I loaded those problems into ChatGPT and had ChatGPT create actions to resolve them.
By doing so, I was able to create a roadmap early on.

I plan to conduct another round of interview with them next week based on a draft version of a roadmap.