Reading Impressions: “The Complete Business Plan -7 Days to Your Success”


Yesterday, I read a book titled, “The Complete Business Plan -7 Days to Your Success” by Japanese author, Yuji Akaba.

It talks about how to create a high-quality business plan more quickly.

I will write about:
1. Why I read this book.
2. Great tips and impressive points from the book.
3. What I want to do.
4. Goal of after 3 months.

1. Why I read this book:
-I like this author, especially his book ‘Zero Second Thinking’. It is like a bible to me.

-I need to make a business plan about a new version of our current product. I also need to get a consensus from many stakeholders.

2. Great tips for me:
-The most important thing for creating a business plan is to put your heart and soul into it and think about it seriously.
-‘Zero second thinking’ is useful for creating a business plan.
The phrase also means to write a memo on A4 paper within one minute.

-Make a draft plan quickly within 7 days and show it to colleagues, boss and friends.
By doing so, you can find many errors in the plan and you can revise it quickly.

-It describes how you can use ChatGPT for business plans.
ChatGPT is useful for making business plans in a short time.

-Attached to this book is a business plan template of a power point.

It is simple and useful.

3. What I want to do.
-Next week, I will make a draft business plan using this template and show it to some colleagues.

4. Goal after 3 months
-Create a business plan that everyone involved can easily understand.