Vision 2024: Elevating Our Two-Decade Partnership Through Strategic Meeting


Last week, our team held the annual meeting with one of the most important business partners.
The meeting was in person.
Their office is located in Kyushu so we had to go there by plane.

The purpose of the meeting is to improve our collaboration.
We exchanged different topics and opinions about business.
We also discussed expectations about the new version of our product.

We have a 20-year long partnership, and we wanted to our collaboration to be more effective.
We also needed to discuss the current problems in the business despite having limited time.

I asked my subordinate to send the meeting agenda and confirm the discussion points of the meeting two weeks ahead.
Our business partner asked us to add two business topics, revise the agenda and prepared two additional topics.
Because the meeting was held according to the agenda we had agreed upon in advance, we were able to exchange opinions efficiently.

Before holding a meeting, it is important that both parties share the issues and prepare for it.