Digital Transformation and Legislative Changes: A Nationwide Webinar Strategy

legal revision

I’m in charge of a product for the local governments’ business affairs.

In 2024, the Japanese government will amend some laws that could affect our products.

One of the legislative amendments is expanding the range of child allowance payment amounts.
This is aimed at curbing the declining birthrate.

Another legislative amendment is to provide diligence allowance to part-time workers.
The purpose is rectifying the wage gap between regular employees and part-time workers.

These legislative amendments will affect our products therefore we have to upgrade them extensively in a short period of time.
There are only a few months left until legislative amendments are enacted.

Aside from this, there are also many support engineers all over the country.
Our team has to inform them about the details of the system specification changes.
Our team must concentrate on system upgrades, so we cannot afford to spend a lot of effort on the task of notifying the entire country about the details of the changes.

We need an efficient way to inform support engineers nationwide about the matter.
Therefore, we have decided to host a webinar and record it, then distribute the recording to the relevant parties.
This allows us to share information with stakeholders nationwide in one webinar.

Sharing the recorded data is one good way to efficiently disseminate information.