Hello ! Please call me, ‘Toby’

I am a system engineer in Japan.I have been making products for more than 20 years to improve the operations of local go...
team building

Business Training Camp for Enhancing Employee Engagement

Discover how our company conducts engagement surveys and the strategies we use to improve team collaboration and understanding through business training camps. Learn about our focus on team missions, member personalities, and individual work styles.

Japan Faces a Looming Labor Shortage of 1.9 Million Workers

Explore Japan's impending labor shortage, projected to reach 1.9 million workers by 2023. Understand the factors contributing to this crisis, including retirements, new hires, increased labor force participation, and the impact of digital transformation (DX) and AI. Discover why creating a more accessible work environment and advancing technology usage are essential strategies to mitigate this shortage.
team building

Building Stronger Connections: Strategies for Modern Workplaces

Yesterday, I participated in an online study group. The theme was 'Workplace Relationships'  ●Background Remote work has...
team building

Enhancing Team Strength through MBTI Utilization

Discover how utilizing MBTI can transform team dynamics and improve cohesion in the workplace. Learn effective communication strategies to foster understanding and enhance collaboration among diverse team members. Ideal for remote work environments.
time management

Mastering Productivity with Invincible Time: A Team-Based Approach

Discover the transformative power of "Invincible Time," a unique task management strategy for tackling procrastination and increasing productivity. Learn how setting aside a dedicated time each week can help you and your team conquer lingering tasks and boost morale.

Positive Feedback: Approaching Personnel Evaluations in the New Fiscal Year

The new fiscal year has finally begun. The beginning of the new fiscal year often brings organizational reforms and pers...

A New Frontier in Time Management: Transforming Daily Life with the Operating Rhythm

Discover the transformative power of 'operating rhythm' as we embark on a new fiscal year. This method, taught to me by a mentor, offers a strategic approach to managing regular tasks of varying frequencies—daily, weekly, and monthly—to enhance productivity and prevent procrastination. Learn how to clarify your goals, list necessary tasks, estimate their duration, and effectively schedule a cycle for each task to ensure your important duties never fall by the wayside. With personal anecdotes and practical examples, including setting aside time for daily briefings and weekly reviews, this article delves into the benefits of operating rhythm in achieving efficiency and preventing meeting conflicts. Embrace this method to not only improve your work efficiency but also to adapt as your goals evolve, with periodic reviews every three months. Join me in refining our approach to task management as we prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming fiscal year.
legal revision

Digital Transformation and Legislative Changes: A Nationwide Webinar Strategy

Discover how the 2024 legislative changes in Japan, including child allowance expansion and part-time worker support, impact local government products. Learn about our efficient solution to nationwide inform support engineers through a recorded webinar, ensuring rapid compliance and system upgrades within a short timeframe.

Vision 2024: Elevating Our Two-Decade Partnership Through Strategic Meeting

Discover insights from our annual in-person meeting with a key business partner aimed at enhancing our 20-year collaboration. We discuss strategic adjustments and tackle current challenges to foster more effective cooperation.

Reading Impressions: “The Complete Business Plan -7 Days to Your Success”

Based on the provided details about the book "The complete business plan -7 days to your success-" by Yuji Akaba and your personal insights, here's a suggested meta description for your article: "Discover my journey with Yuji Akaba's 'The complete business plan - 7 days to your success,' a transformative guide to creating effective business plans quickly. Learn why I chose this book, the invaluable tips that resonated with me, and my goals for implementing its strategies. From leveraging 'Zero second thinking' to utilizing ChatGPT for brainstorming, find out how I plan to draft a business plan that garners widespread consensus within just three months." This description aims to encapsulate the essence of your article, highlighting your personal connection to the book, the key takeaways that you found most valuable, and your actionable goals, all while appealing to readers who are interested in efficient business planning methods.