ChatGPT Helps Speed Up the Drafting Process

Discover the journey of a local government system product developer tasked with creating a strategic roadmap for the next product version. Learn how gaining insights from delivery department heads is crucial for sales success and how collaboration ensures goal alignment. With a ticking clock of just two months until the fiscal year's end, find out how ChatGPT aids in resolving product issues and expediting roadmap creation, and the plans for further refining the roadmap through upcoming interviews

Efficient and Effective: Transforming Our Quarterly Business Plan Meeting

I think that sharing the purpose of meeting before meeting is effective for ensuring that the meeting will run smoothly.

Exploring Solutions for Enhancing Employee Engagement and Loyalty in the Remote Work

Today I had participated in a meeting about corporate management. Today’s topic was about employee recession. Since the ...

New Year’s Kickoff: Focusing on Myself and Overcoming Challenges

I had time off during the year-end and New Year holidays. Today marks the beginning of a new year. One of my resolutions...
time management

ChatGPT Useful in Reducing Revision Time

Revision Time

Utilization of ChatGPT in HR Evaluation: Careful Selection of Feedback Language

There was a problem with the last bonus feedback. I received a complaint from a subordinate who had been given low evaluations several times in a row.

Setting Goals Together with Multiple People Can Help You Set More Specific Goals

It's December. There's less than a month left in this year. I set my goals for 2023 at the beginning of the year. Some g...

Revitalized Connections: Annual In-Person Meeting Spurs Productive Dialogues and Innovation

Annually, we hold a meeting to exchange opinions with partner companies that have adopted our products and introduced th...

Navigating Legal Revisions: Collaborative Strategies Unveiled for Effective Decision-Making

Legislation regarding the system that our team is in charge of is scheduled to be revised next year. However, despite th...

Opinion Harvest: Enhancing Business Plans Through Interactive Feedback

Our quarterly business plan report meeting was held last week. Twenty teams presented their progress plans. I am in-char...