Navigating Legal Revisions: Collaborative Strategies Unveiled for Effective Decision-Making


Legislation regarding the system that our team is in charge of is scheduled to be revised next year.

However, despite the large impact and cost of this legal reform, the details are not finalized and the law has not yet been enacted.

Therefore, we were at a loss as we did not know where to start.

This is because after the law is enacted, administrative procedures are determined, and system specifications can only be considered after the administrative procedures are determined.

Our team’s discussions within the team failed to reach a conclusion.

We consulted with other departments who were assumed to be facing similar issues.

As a result of our consultation, we came up with various possible actions.

During the consultation, we were able to share ideas, different perspectives, and provide guidance to each other from a strategic standpoint.

I realized that when employees are facing difficult issues, it is effective to consult with other colleagues from other departments as it allows better decision-making and increased innovation.